Spats Samurai

Product Description:
Whether you’re looking for the perfect no-gi BJJ spats or compression tights to wear under your gi, you’ve found the pinnacle of lower body BJJ gear. You’re getting protection, durability, and comfort. To complete your look, don’t miss the matching rash guard and fight short.

The Benefits Of Compression: When worn on the lower body, studies suggest that compression leggings increase blood flow, protect muscles, and improve recovery.

Four-Way Stretch: No bagging or sagging! Our stretch fabric molds to your body like a second skin and gives you the perfect fit with no tugging or pulling.

Friction Management: There are benefits to decreasing your friction with the mat and increasing friction with your opponent. Gain traction in holds and avoid mat burn by adding Jiu-Jitsu spats to your workout gear.

Temperature Control: If you think wearing spats will cause you to overheat, don’t fear. The moisture-wicking fabric absorbs sweat to pull it away from your skin, where it evaporates quickly to keep you cool.

Bacterial Protection: Mats are teeming with bacterial, and compression tights offer full-length protection from the germs that can make you sick.

Spats Samurai