Grappling Dummy Canvas "Peter"

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  • Product Description:

    Grappling dummies give your students a realistic simulation of combat without the risk of injuring a partner. They are ideal for introducing dangerous maneuvers or training inexperienced fighters. Dummy work also improves muscle memory, stamina, and technique.

    Our dummies are the very best in martial arts training equipment to offer your pupils tremendous results. They are also the perfect training partners for grappling, wrestling, and fire rescue.

    We are so confident in our quality that we offer a 1-year complete guarantee against defective materials and construction!

    HIGH-QUALITY CANVAS COVERING: We use canvas covering that is affordable yet tough enough to withstand daily use. We test all of our dummies for quality and endurance.

    REINFORCED STITCHING: Our dummies are supremely stitched with durable, tear-resistant nylon threads so it can handle even the most intense training.

    ANATOMICALLY DESIGNED:The dummy’s kneeling stance realistically mimics the position of a real fighter. The movable legs and arms allow versatile technique training with convincing human response.

    FLEXIBLE HANDS & FEET: Safely teach ankle or wrist lock techniques with our full limb design right down to the hands and feet.

    CUSTOMIZABLE SIZE AND WEIGHT: We offer our dummies in three sizes so you can match your students with the proper size opponent. We shipped them unfilled, so you can customize the weight and change it over time as needed.

    Buy 10 dummies or more, and we will customize the order with your gym colors and logo!