Thank you for your interest in partnering with us. We love and support FavUke athletes who participate in presenting BJJ.
About FavUke BJJ Brand Ambassador Program

Our Brand Ambassadors' program is an amazing marketing collaboration designed to provide Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fighters an opportunity to promote our brand and earn an income from their promotions.

Our Brand Ambassadors will serve as trusted experts by providing customers with personalized, detailed information about Favuke BJJ Gears.

Through product promotions and demonstrations, you will inspire and recommend our products, building brand awareness and superior online customer experience.

Help us to promote FavUke BJJ and become a part of our team today. Take your own and/or use our photos, make videos, create collages and write reviews. Exclusive and compelling offers for your readers and followers.


✔︎ 2000 or more social media followers


By joining the FavUke BJJ Brand Ambassador Program, you will be provided FavUke BJJ’s product line for free special coupon code for you to share for your followers. Possible commission on products sold through your special coupon code.

Our Partnership

Represent our store and gears in a manner consistent with our Edgy, Trendy and Vibrant - image.
Engage with your followers and promote our gears across all of your social media platforms.
Promote your special coupon code. Be the first to wear our newest gears.

Get Started

Read the FavUke BJJ brand ambassador program terms and condition.
By submitting your application form, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

Choose one of your favorite design, we'll send it to you once you've provided your size.
We'll provide you your own special coupon code.

Once you’ve received the gear, take a photo of you wearing the gear as much as you can do.
Share it across your platform. Tag us in the photo itself and mention us in the description including your own coupon code.
Lets track your coupon code together and if you're getting a high number of people using the code, we might also give you commission on sales!