Ranked Spats

Product Description:
A great BJJ fighter knows how to balance offense and defense in any match. Premium Jiu Jitsu spats are a crucial tool in your line of defense for both gi and no-gi fighting. Compression tights have proven benefits for your body inside and out.

Muscle Compression: When your muscles cool down during a fight, you lose momentum. Compression leggings increase blood flow in your legs and keep your muscles warm for the duration of your workout.

Four-Way Stretch: We use fabric with four-way stretch to ensure that you get a precision fit that won’t inhibit your movement.

Reduces Friction: Friction from the mat or your gi in the wrong places leads to rashes, chafing, and burns. Our soft fabric and flat-lock stitching keep your skin protected.

Full-Length Bacterial Protection: Mats are gross and can harbor bacteria and diseases. Spats offer you full-length protection for your lower body.

Moisture Control: Don’t let your sweat hold you back. Our moisture wicking fabric pulls moisture away from skin and drys quickly to keep you comfortable and dry.
Ranked Spats