Ranked Rashguard S/S

Product Description:
Summon your inner samurai. Whether you’re training gi or no-gi, the right rash guard can improve your performance. Our slick, compression material provides a smooth base layer between you and your gi to prevent chaffing and discomfort. When worn for no-gi training, it helps keep you dry and cool.

Train in Comfort: Distractions can derail your training. Each element of our lightweight and breathable BJJ rashguard is designed to eliminate interference and let you focus.

Four-Way Stretch: Your MMA rashguard needs a precision fit. Our four-way stretch fabric eliminates sagging, so it fits you like a second skin.

Friction Reduction: Friction from the mat or your gi can burn and chafe your skin. On the other hand, sweaty skin makes it easier for opponents to slip through your grip. Find the right balance with our smooth friction-balancing fabric.

Moisture Wicking: Keeping sweat off your skin lets your body better control its temperature, boosting your performance.

The Benefits of Compression: Studies show that compression shirts benefit your muscles during and after your workout through temperature management and increased blood flow.

    Ranked Rashguard S/S